Nail Salon Safety Course

A training for nail salon employees.


This was my first project fully completed in Storyline 360. I wanted to create a training that used a gentle, retro color scheme, and while perusing OSHA's website for an unrelated reason, came across the health and safety guide for nail salon employees. I used that site as my "subject matter expert," and began storyboarding. Being new to Storyline 360, I challenged myself to utilize as many Storyline 360 functionalities as possible, including states, layers, variables, and triggers. After some trial and error with navigation through the course, my first project, a training on chemical and biological hazards when giving manicures and pedicures, was complete.

Tools used: Storyline 360, Canva, Audacity, Coolors


The storyboard took me a while, as I was completely new to the content, and had multiple documents to sift through for content. The colors and design were the first thing I conceived, as I wanted something gentle and retro while still professional. After receiving feedback on my storyboard, I added an additional interactive slide, animated some visual elements, and included hotspots to add extra information. As it was my first go in Storyline 360, I enjoyed the process and took my time becoming comfortable with the software. The project has received positive feedback for being visually appealing and informative without overwhelming.

Results and Takeaways

I really enjoyed working on this course, and am looking forward to utilizing Storyline 360 as a gamification tool. Stay tuned...