Heart Healthy Diet Course

A training for hospital kitchen workers.


This was my first project working with a subject matter expert. The client needed to train hospital kitchen staff on a heart healthy diet for patients on a sodium and fluid restriction. I was sent a PowerPoint file that had been used for previous instructor led trainings and converted the content into a story board. The client requested a clean visual design and easy navigability. Upon storyboard approval, I began creating the interactive course in Storyline 360. The project was well received by all stakeholders.

Tools used: Storyline 360, Canva, Audacity, Coolors


The storyboard was easy to create given the wealth of content provided by the subject matter expert. The colors and design were in line with other documentation from the hospital, and it was requested that I use photographs rather than icons or illustrations. With the client's approval, I added additional knowledge checks, and adapted some of the quiz questions to be more in line with the learning objectives. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the best way to represent information, including altering states of images to reveal information. After creating the course, I recorded the voice over audio in Audacity. I added the voice over to the course, aligned multiple screen animations/object appearances to audio cues, and previewed the course. After running the course through QA and collecting feedback, the course was presented to the client.

Results and Takeaways

The course was received well, and will be utilized in upcoming kitchen staff training. I was proud of how quickly I was able to complete this project. From conception to creation, it took me roughly 10 hours. I enjoyed utilizing videos and photos provided by Articulate, and creatively timed my audio voiceover to match the one video for cholesterol that the software offered. I aimed for interactivity every third to fourth slide, which appeared to be a satisfying amount to keep the user engaged.