Climbing Gym Microlearning

An experience for new climbers.


Last year I fell in love with bouldering, and this year I fell in love with microlearning. In experimenting with platforms, I found that 7 Taps is easy to use, visually appealing, and perfectly suited for microlearning.

Tools used: 7 Taps


Whenever I bring guests to my climbing gym, I have to wait for them to complete a tour and safety briefing. The most recent time I was waiting for my guest to be debriefed, I thought to myself "this could easily be turned into a virtual microlearning experience," so I made it one (with a fictional gym). I imagine this is something a gym could send out to new visitors after they've signed up to climb. Honestly, this was whipped up quickly due to the simple interface and one-way interactions of the platform. The only storyboarding I completed was a quick list (and then re-ordering for flow) in my notebook. While selecting gifs (the free version doesn't allow one to upload their own images), I opted for cat/dog gifs as often as possible, to match the playful writing of the course and mood of a climbing gym.

Results and Takeaways

7taps is fun for a quick Saturday night project, and I absolutely want to delve deeper into microlearning.